Gallery Precious introduces world famous Oil Paintings, European Antique Jewelleries, Diamonds, and American Antique Rare Coins to our selected customers.

Our customers are exclusively selected in accordance with our company guidelines.
Our representatives meet and discuss with our customers in a private room, same as private banks.

We are in process of establishing galleries, under the same concept, and creating a network of professionals around the world in Hong Kong, Middle East, United States and Europe.

We anticipate the day that to be our customers is one of status for being celebrities and wealthy individuals.

Under the current situation our Gallery Precious has appointed the following two former Japanese Metropolitan Police Investigators:

■ Mr. Mitsuhiro Kato : Former detective at the Metropolitan Police Department
■ Mr. Shinichi Kiyabu : Former detective at the Metropolitan Police Department

We are already implementing various security measures based on their professional advices.

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