Renowned for its exceptional selection, our collection includes works by some of the greatest European masters of Impressionism, such as Pierre-Auguste Renoir and Edgar Degas. We follow the magnificent collection of the Barbizon paintings with their successors who explored further with their innovative subject matters and techniques.
Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1841-1919)
Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1841-1919) was a leading painter in the development of the Impressionist style. In the 1870's, Renoir's Impressionism reached its peak. Images of suburban and rural leisure scenes outside of Paris were a popular subject for Renoir. He painted people more than landscapes and with considerable empathy for his children and their carers.
Edgar Degas (1834-1917)
Edgar Degas (1834-1917) was one of the founders of Impressionism, an organizer of its exhibitions, and one of its most core members.
Charles-François Daubigny (1817-1878)
Charles-François Daubigny (1817-1878) was one of the French artists to advertise the joys of painting outside and is considered to be a transitional artist who effectively served as a bridge from the Barbizon style to the Impressionists.
Stanislas Victor Edouard Lépine (1835-1892)
Stanislas Victor Edouard Lépine (1835-1892) participated in the first Impressionist exhibition in 1874 and is famed for his Parisian landscape paintings.
Léon Richet (1847-1907)
Léon Richet (1847-1907) painted with compositions often airy and open, unlike the sometimes shadowy views of nature of some of his mentors and counterparts such as Diaz and Corot.

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