The season of spring auction has begun.
This month, an auction will be held in New York featuring block prints of Renoir, tiara, jewelry and 19th century paintings; to be followed by an auction in London next month bringing together art by the Impressionists and of the 19th century.

We have already acquired and reviewed a partial list of the auction items that includes quite a number of expensive selections. From a buyer's perspective having purchased similar pieces when the price tag were not as high, and coupled with yen depreciation in exchange rate, these pieces make us want to have second thoughts before buying.

To give you an idea, a Degas sculpture to be auctioned is estimated to be sold at an upper limit of 800 thousand dollars. This is three times the price that Gallery Precious spent for an equivalent piece at Christie's in London last year. Reflecting the recent market trends, competitive bidding price will most probably be in the range of 1 million dollars. Assuming that it is sold for 1 million, the total amount will be 1.2 million dollars including handling fees, or 120 million Japanese yen. Now the question is whether one would be willing to buy a piece at triple the cost compared to what has been purchased at 40 million half a year ago.

To top it off, there is no telling if it can actually be bought at this price

The value of fine art assets is presumed to double or triple once it escalates.

Wealthy individuals around the world are now shifting towards purchasing art assets and as such we at Gallery Precious Group consider this year to be our last chance to make further purchases amid tough competition burdened by depreciation of the yen.

Record Bid For Baseball Card At Auction
For Americans, baseball cards are regarded as collector's items on par with rare coins.
CNN reports that a baseball card was subject of fierce battle in an auction in New York with an opening bid of $500,000 which was sold eventually at a record high $ 2.1 million.

The successful bidder is described as "a wealthy individual investor and a baseball fan" and not a trade bidder.

In the "SWAG" asset market today, rich people are splurging on "limited collectibles" lifting bidding prices to extraordinary levels that trade bidders just can't afford. No doubt, traders are placing bids at auctions for business but when it comes to competing with enthusiastic wealthy buyers with billions and trillions of financial assets in their pockets, they don't have a chance.

It was also a wealthy individual that set a big price tag of $10 million for an ultra rare coin at an auction this January, impossible for traders to outbid.

This particular baseball card is enclosed in an appraisal case that adds security for buyers with proven authentication, comparable to that of rare coins.

When the rich from around the world are determined to "buy", there is virtually no such thing as market price. From the eyes of wealthy individuals worldwide, our company's fine collection of 【Renoir】,【Corot】,【Diamonds】,【Tiaras】、【Rare Gold Medals】have now become irresistible items. At some point, there may be astounding purchase offers for these pieces. But the value of these real physical assets tends to magnify when the articles in the collection are greater in number. There are rich individuals who own 10 or 20 items in their collection of 【Rare Gold Medals】/ 【Diamonds】which will be worth millions in time.

Even if you have money, "SWAG" assets cannot be bought if there is no merchandise in the market and as such, buyers may regard their purchase an encounter that was meant to be.

In the near future GALLERY PRECIOUS may be engaged in selling collections worth 10 billions of yen. By that time, the value of real assets such as rare gold medals, diamonds, and art should soar substantially compared to what it is today.

December 12, 2012 Christie's, London Auction, Important Jewels
Auction Information: 12 December 2012, London, Christie's 'Important Jewels Auction'

At Christie's 'Important Jewels Auction', Gallery Precious made successful purchases on 2 out of 3 pursued jewels through telephone bid.

One of the purchases made is a Tiara and this lot ( No.212 ) was hammered down at the top estimate price, while the other lot (No.215), Art Nouveau Pendant was hammered down at 4.2 times of top estimate, after fierce and heated biddings.

The number of our company's collection of Tiaras (around 1900s) is now 3 and Art Nouveau pendant collection is 5.

Our company has been purchasing at least one Tiara every year and we hope we will build more than 10 Tiaras collection in the near future. While the prices of Art Nouveau pendants skyrocket each time it appears on the market, we hope to build one of the best Art Nouveau Pendant collection in the world.

The world of antique jewellery is filled with a mixture of good and bad, and we require a careful selection of trusted auction companies and specialists who belong to those esteemed companies. We need to face the world of antique jewellery with our own values and judgements, not to blindly follow opinions of the sellers.

In the result we are gradually gaining recognition and importance in this world that has no room for an amateur, having requested loan to the recently held Biennial Exhibition in Paris, followed by other similar request from renowned Museums in France.

We hope we will be one of the main exhibitors for the world-class Jewellery Fair or Jewellery Exhibition in future.

December 6, 2012 Christie's, London Auction, Old Master Prints
Our purchase of the Old Master Print was the 5th highest bid price for the auction.


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